„Strategy is the training of the original, suffering thought according to the ever changing circumstances.“ Helmuth von Moltke (1800-1891)

ES SOLUTIONS GmbH is an internationally oriented company addressing strategy development for corporate management

ES SOLUTIONS GmbH solves concise questions:

  • What is the objective to be attained?
  • What are the relevant milestones?
  • What expertise and contacts will be required?

Together with you, we work out a goal that is resistant to competition and that paves the way to a holistic approach and the involvement of all relevant influencing factors.

ES SOLUTIONS GmbH creates a company valuation in which we represent your company with clear words and meaningful numbers: a representation of strengths and weaknesses from the external perspective of experienced experts.

ES SOLUTIONS GmbH develops and mediates the holistic consulting and change process. We mediate value chain analyses, real estate deals and the soliciting of equity.

Successful strategy planning is flexible in terms of the market situation and based on your realistic target and profit planning.