„In the end, everything will be fine. And if it is not fine, then it's not yet the end.“ Oscar Wilde, Irish writer (1854-1900)

The company’s valuation opportunities

We develop comprehensive and results-oriented strategies and implement them together with you!

Determining the company's value in the case of the sale of a business, liquidity requirements, upcoming corporate investments or succession planning demands distinctive expertise.

ES SOLUTIONS GmbH develops and mediates the holistic consulting and change process from the company valuation to the sale.We mediate value chain analyses, tangible and intangible strategic contacts, asset and real estate deals, and the soliciting of equity.

ES SOLUTIONS GmbH comes with its in-depth expert and corporate network developed from experience and understands strategy development as a core task of the management of any organisation. The necessary vision and mission statement lead the way for future orientation and are adopted or developed together.

  • Budgeting
  • Risk analysis
  • Business start-up planning
  • Succession planning
  • Liquidity requirements
  • Financial advice
  • Corporate transactions
  • Purchase of equity investments
  • Tax calculation in the case of inheritance and gifts
  • Determination of marital gains in the case of divorce
  • Planned change in the legal form of the company